Wheel Motor Industrialization of the
With the new energy vehicle drive technology development and upgrading, wheel motor technology gradua...
Development Status of China Aluminum Alloy Wheel Industry
Rolling the wheel, can not stop the pace of time to move forward. 100, "3C" certification, recall, ac...
Car aluminum alloy wheels and iron wheels which is better?
You riders, in the car when you consider the car wheel of the material? Aluminum alloy and iron which...
Quick repair method for maintenance and abrasion of automobile wheels
Dress up the car mostly from head to toe it to put on a bright clothes, the wheel is like a car "shoe...
Elaborate repair car wheel paint a little trick
Round scraping is every owner will encounter, I believe the shoulder will bring you trouble, especial...
The Five Process of Automotive Aluminum Alloy Wheel Shaping
Forging is a solid to solid changes, through the beat, pressure, forging and other means to form the ...


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